about me –

Hey! I'm Marissa and if you're here, thank you!

I'm the creative behind Fabled Folke, + I've been creating art online for about 5 years now. What originally started as a business being commissioned for family portrait art, turned into so much more over the years.

I have been a reader all my life, but after getting burnout from school, moving halfway across the country, getting married and having kids, then buying a home – you can say it was a rough time for me. Biggest book hangover EVER haha. I started my reading journey back up in January 2023, + found a great community of readers and newfound friends! It inspired so much of what my business has now evolved into + I couldn't be more grateful for it! Reading books has reignited my passion for creating whimsical art that you can wear or add to your daily life in some form. My job is the BEST.
So! What types of genres do I like? I'll tell you –
• High/Epic/Dark Fantasy
• Romantasy
• Sci-Fi
• Historical Fiction
If you'd ever like to follow my reading journey and the books I read, follow my Bookstagram @mywhimsicalpages! I love when customers turn into friends :)