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Nyte + Astraea Foiled Bookmarks (officially licensed)

Nyte + Astraea Foiled Bookmarks (officially licensed)

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“Think of me, and I will answer,” he spoke to my mind. Then he pulled away, lingering against my mouth to say aloud, “Long for me, and I am right here with you.“

Nyte + Astraea are one of my favorite romantasy couples (especially Nyte 😮‍💨) and I really wanted to make beautiful foiled merch to match the aesthetics of the book! So here are their respective bookmarks!


• each bookmark is roughly 2” x 8” but since these are handmade they are likely to vary just slightly 

• each bookmark is foiled either Gold (for Nyte) or Silver (for Astraea)

• each bookmark will be laminated and have rounded edges 

please allow 3-5 business days for these as they are a multi -step item and working with foil takes time and care! 

All The Stars are Dying merch is officially licensed by Chloe C Peñaranda 

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